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I opened A Little Something Bakery in 2009 on the belief that I had an excellent product and our town needed a good bakery. From the first day I opened everybody would walk through the front door and say how wonderful it smelled. It is the “smell” that takes people back to a time when they remembered chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven when they got home from school or pies being baked at holiday times.

For me it was walking into my friend’s house after school and her mom had just baked blondies, I can still remember that smell to this day. On the day of Nancy’s mom’s funeral I had brought over a platter of treats. I walked in the back door like I had done a thousand times before and I was crying. Crying not only because Nancy’s mom was such an incredible woman, but because I would never have those smells again. How could it be that I would not have her blondies or chocolate cake anymore?
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