Wild ONE !

Hi Beth

I have been meaning to write you a note to say that Jameson's bday cake was DELICIOUS. Absolutely loved the way you decorated it and the cake itself was the best we've ever had. My husband has a mega sweet tooth and he said it was his favorite ever : ) 

Can't thank you enough and hope to work with you again in the future.

Beth Bolton
Wedding Cake Table

When you come into A Little Something for your consultation I tell all my couples ; no matter the size of your wedding or your wedding cake; this is a special day. With that ,when it comes to your cake and cake setup, you must have cutting knives. You do not want pictures taken while holding a steak knife in your hand. Either register for them or borrow them.

For those who say that they will never use them again- I say to that.

Take them out for every birthday , every holiday or any other time that you will be cutting a cake. Make each cake a special event.

enjoy life.eat cake

Beth Bolton
Where in the World will I go!

Wow! I am very impressed. I sent an idea in for my bday cake & A little something bakery over delivered. The cake is absolutely gorgeous. I was nervous about the taste, I asked for a lemon with cream cheese filling & everyone can’t make these cakes right but this was DELICIOUS. I am so very happy & the price was so reasonable. Thank you all so very much!

Beth Bolton
Come to the Table ...

A business friend had posted about what to write on her plaque at she was making for her dining room.

It made me think. “Come to the Table” is the name of a song from Side Walk Prophets. It speaks of being set free. I have that table in my shop. It is the place where all who come are welcome. We laugh, we cry, we knit, eat lunch , drink coffee, plan your next event or just talk. It feels sometimes as a healing place. I told my friend to sit for a while and think what that table means for her and then what she wants to say on the plaque will just come out.

Life is short,eat the cake!

Hi Beth!

I wanted to thank you for the most amazing job you did on my son and daughter in laws wedding cake. EVERYONE raved about how beautiful AND delicious it was. I literally had the wait staff asking if they could try it too because our guests couldn’t stop talking about it. A family member texted me this morning and said she is STILL thinking about it!  Some folks even asked for the name of the amazing bakery that did our cake!! I could not be happier with choosing you and your bakery. What a find!! A thousand times, thank you!!!  

Caroline Davies Wedding Cake.jpg
Beth Bolton
Client Love: Alexander & Laurel's Wedding


Thank you so much for the pear almond wedding cake you prepared for Alexander and Laurel’s wedding on Sunday. It was AMAZING! I never would have thought to pair that with cinnamon gelato but together they were the best combination ever! (You should suggest that to future clients!). I also appreciated your prompt delivery.

I was out of my chair when they set the servings down and when I came back, there was a plate with crumbs at my seat (my son had sat there and ate my piece!) So I stole a piece from my niece, who wasn’t in her seat. When she got back, they brought her a piece and she loved it so much, they brought her a second serving, a big, huge chunk! We were all laughing at how the cake was so good, we were stealing it from anyone who wasn’t watching.

It can be scary to hire vendors when you’re from out of town. I was very grateful to Stephanie McMullon at the Bushnell for recommending you. Her recommendation was perfect.

Best -

Debbie Lum

Beth Bolton
Emily's First Birthday

I just wanted to say thank you for the cake and cookies for Emily’s birthday. The birthday girl started off hesitant about having her first taste of frosting but ended up diving in after a few minutes! Also, all of the guests raved about the cake.

Thank you for making Emily’s 1st birthday so special!

Emily's First BIrthday Blog Post 2.jpeg
Emily's First Birthday Blog Post.jpg
A Little Boy and His Dinosaur Cake

Hi Beth,

Since my husband picked up the cake I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you. That cake was amazing!!! You can’t believe how happy it made one little boy! He kept saying “Grandma look at how long the tail is“ and "Grandma look at all the leaves “

It was as delicious as it was beautiful. Thank you so much!

Mary Ellen

A Little Something Cake Studio Gender Reveal Cake Photo Blog.jpg

I just wanted to thank you so much for making the most amazing looking (and tasting) cake we’ve ever had! Not only did we enjoy the cake so much, but what it brought us was a joy that we can’t even come up with the words to say. Both of our families (and us) where nearly certain we’d be having a boy. There wasn’t a whole lot of anticipation, until we actually cut the cake and the whole room was just beside themselves so surprised and screaming with joy. On my husbands side of the family, boys run in the family, and although we would have been absolutely thrilled either way, there was a small part of all us secretly hoping for a girl. This was such a special moment we will remember forever.

Thank you!!!