Client Love: Alexander & Laurel's Wedding


Thank you so much for the pear almond wedding cake you prepared for Alexander and Laurel’s wedding on Sunday. It was AMAZING! I never would have thought to pair that with cinnamon gelato but together they were the best combination ever! (You should suggest that to future clients!). I also appreciated your prompt delivery.

I was out of my chair when they set the servings down and when I came back, there was a plate with crumbs at my seat (my son had sat there and ate my piece!) So I stole a piece from my niece, who wasn’t in her seat. When she got back, they brought her a piece and she loved it so much, they brought her a second serving, a big, huge chunk! We were all laughing at how the cake was so good, we were stealing it from anyone who wasn’t watching.

It can be scary to hire vendors when you’re from out of town. I was very grateful to Stephanie McMullon at the Bushnell for recommending you. Her recommendation was perfect.

Best -

Debbie Lum

Beth Bolton